Definitely one of my favourite DJ’s. I feel proud I had the chance and challenge to play visuals for her. Check out this short movie about…. 

Marcelle’s world

INCREDIBLE MOZART RAP (To inspire teenagers)

7685 Frames of Netherlands

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Havana Bikes


Cuba underwent a bicycle revolution in the 1990s during its five year ‘Special Period’. Oil was scarce as a result of tough economic constraints, and throughout those years of austerity, bicycles where introduced as an alternative mode of transport. Thousands of Cubans used bicycles on a regular basis, as pedalling became the norm on the island.

Years later, the transportation crisis subsided and motorised vehicles returned, and the country’s bicycle culture took a hit. Now, new bikes are difficult to come by and parts are not readily available, yet many Cubans still use bicycles daily and, despite the limited resources, a handful of mechanics provide a service to those who rely on their bikes in their everyday lives.

Plenty of cyclists roam the streets of Havana and the rest of Cuba. Ángel, a typical bike riding Habanero, provides a brief insight into Cuban bicycle culture and the importance of bike mechanics in the capital as we come across both riders and repairmen.

*Music by VOLT HEIST:

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The Tres Culturas Foundation together with Tarifa’s Town Hall presented “Vecinos”, 
an artistic intervention in the town of Tarifa, Spain. This activity was organized 
under the frame of the cross-border cooperation project: CREAMOS.

The project took place in the neighborhoods of Virgen del Carmen and 
Punta de Europa in Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain from the 16 to the 24 of March of 2014.
The four participating artists were (in order of appearance in the video)
Zepha, El niño de las pinturas, Axel Void y Adbellatif Moustad.

Video by Natalia Lassalle Morillo
Special Thanks to Alejandro Dorda, Julia Lucrecia Taveras and the Tres Culturas Foundation


A miniature look to the catalan province of Girona.


Bill’s fifty-two years old, has a mountain man beard, and delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn. Over the course of several shifts, DELIVERY unveils an intriguing man rushing food to your door while it’s still hot and fresh.

The Pixel Painter

Hal Lasko, who was better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist back when everything was done by hand. His family introduced him to the computer and Microsoft Paint long after he retired.

Grandpa would spend ten hours a day moving pixels around his computer paintings. His work is a blend of pointillism and 8-Bit art.

Entre Pañuelos y Sueños (VOS Castellano)

La máscara, el complemento, la peluca; el disfraz, ha sido la herramienta utilizada durante todo la historia del hombre, para diferenciarnos, camuflarnos, fingirnos a nosotros mismos, ocultarnos, y mostrarnos abiertamente sin ser reconocidos. Con una guerra civil, un exilio, cientos de huidas, un salto a la valla de Melilla, noches sin dormir y días sin comer, Howard Jackson utiliza esa pluralidad de personajes en forma de disfraz esperando la luz roja junto a un semáforo y con una cesta llena de clínex colgada del brazo.

“Entre pañuelos y sueños” va más allá de la búsqueda del retrato de un hombre descontextualizado y reubicado por una sociedad concreta.
A través de la multiplicidad de personajes que nos ofrece su protagonista se lleva cabo un análisis crudo y humilde de la emigración, la supervivencia, la pérdida de identidad y la lucha por la dignidad humana. Realizándose una comparativa entre el sueño vendido a un lado del estrecho y la realidad aplastante del otro.

N.O.W. is the time (Short documentary) • Nightmares on Wax • Warp Records

Great music documentary about how the electronic music started and grew in Belgium. 

Bye Bye Barcelona is a documentary about a city and it’s relationship with tourism, about the difficult coexistence between Barcelona and it’s people with tourism and tourists. It is a documentary that exposes through the thoughts of some of it’s residents, the grave effects that mass tourism has in the city. You can watch this documentary from beginning to end, or you can watch it through it’s chapters and at your own rhythm. It’s sole purpose is to serve as counterweight to the much repeated idea that tourism is a win-win business. This documentary is about what we lose because of it.

Official video for ‘We Got More’, taken from the album ‘Eskmo’ on Ninja Tune.